Seeing Green: 2010-2011 Lakers Player Salaries

I stumbled upon the Lakers roster at and noticed that the Worldwide Leader neatly list each player’s current salary, so I thought I would pass it on to you. Here’s a list from highest paid (I’m sure you can guess who that is) to lowest paid:

Kobe Bryant – $24,806,250

Pau Gasol – $17,823,000

Andrew Bynum – $13,700,000

Lamar Odom – $8,200,000

Ron Artest – $6,322,320

Luke Walton – $5,260,000

Steve Blake – $4,000,000

Derek Fisher – $3,700,000

Shannon Brown – $2,149,200

Matt Barnes – $1,765,000

Joe Smith/Theo Ratliff – $854,389

Derrick Caracter/Devin Ebanks – $473,604

With the exception of Luke Walton, each player pretty much makes what he deserves based on performance. If you remember, back in 2007, Walton signed a six-year, $30 million deal that would keep him in Purple & Gold until the age of thirty-three. Today, that deal is commonly thought of as one of the worst contracts in the NBA. So far this season, Walton has played 137 minutes (equivalent of 2.85 full games), scored 26 total points, and committed 12 turnovers. Clearly, the Lakers aren’t getting a lot of bang for their buck.

Anyway, approach a fellow Lakers fan and play virtual general manager for a minute. Give them roughly $90 million in virtual money and tell them to divide it among the Lakers current roster. It should be interesting to see how they dole it out.


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